As your business grows and more team members join, it will become more and more important to be clear about the outcomes you want to achieve and how you communicate that with your team.

You might find that you’re working more in the business than on the business which is keeping your business stuck.

One of the ways to get it unstuck is by identifying clear outcomes and areas you need to prioritise and work ON.

Regular annual and quarterly reviewing and planning is essential for every business because it gives you a roadmap so you don’t lose sight of the goals you set.

There are structured ways to do your planning and business coaches can assist you, but remember: planning is one thing and executing it another. 

Planning can be done with your team, by yourself or with your Ops Manager if you have one, but no matter what you decide: you need to review your business and where you’re falling short to achieve targets.

No business is ever 100% on track and doesn’t have anything to work on that aren’t day-to-day tasks.

When planning you should start with reviewing your business including achievements, lessons learned, and things not on track.

Take the things you’re not on track with and create priorities to work on over the next 3 months if doing a quarterly plan, or for the year if planning for the year.

(Note that you still need to plan quarterly to break the annual priorities into quarterly priorities.)

Then break them down into achievable sprints and set aside time each week to work on them.

Delegate to your team since it’s not yours alone to work on, but the whole team.

Communicate the priorities and who is responsible clearly with your team. Track how the progress is going regularly in your weekly team meeting and have a detailed review meeting monthly to ensure no one is falling behind.

Every business should consider using a system that helps manage these priorities as well as other projects and clients.

Ideally, something that enables you to see easily where things are at, if everyone is on track, and functions well for communication within the team.

The best place to do this is in a Project Management System. Doing it in a spreadsheet is a start but doesn’t replace what a good PMS can give you and your team. 

This process will help your business to get on track and start hitting goals and achieve your Mission!

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