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The "brain" behind KAIZ Consulting


Pamela Doerf

I reinvented German efficiency! Over the years I have worn many hats and have worked in many different jobs to gain a skill set that can be applied to many areas of business and life. I have been a PA, run a hotel and restaurant, sold pretzels at the Munich Oktoberfest and have been in flight management. Ask me what I haven't done!

I wrote and published a book about my life journey and in my spare time run a candle online shop for my creative outlet.

I hold a Diploma in Accounting, Diploma of Financial Planning and a certificate in Operations Management if that is of interest but I prefer learning by doing and problem solving.

The past five years I have worked in the Financial Services Industry and have found my passion in Operations - more specific in automating businesses using technology. 

It is the most satisfying thing for me to see when an automation can change a process or even a whole business. Technology can save so much time and enables a business to focus on the most important thing - the customer. 

I live and breathe not only technology but processes and efficiency. It is not everyone's strength especially when you try to run and grow a business at the same time or want to rather be working on the business than in it and don't know where to start. This is where I come in. Let me help you!