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The Team


The "brains" behind KAIZ Consulting

German efficiency meets Australian Operations gun.


Pamela Doerf

I reinvented German efficiency! Over the years I have worn many hats and have worked in many different jobs to gain a skill set that can be applied to many areas of business and life. I have been a PA, run a hotel and restaurant, sold pretzels at the Munich Oktoberfest and have been in flight management. Ask me what I haven't done!

I wrote and published a book about my life journey and in my spare time run a candle online shop for my creative outlet.

I hold a Diploma in Accounting, Diploma of Financial Planning and a certificate in Operations Management if that is of interest but I prefer learning by doing and problem solving.

The past five years I have worked in the Financial Services Industry and have found my passion in Operations - more specific in automating businesses using technology. 

It is the most satisfying thing for me to see when an automation can change a process or even a whole business. Technology can save so much time and enables a business to focus on the most important thing - the customer. 

I live and breathe not only technology but processes and efficiency. It is not everyone's strength especially when you try to run and grow a business at the same time or want to rather be working on the business than in it and don't know where to start. This is where I come in. Let me help you!


Bonnita MERO

I am a strong believer that it is the people within a business that create the success. Your employees are the driving force behind the profitability of the business through operational excellence, customer experience and delivering on company values. 

My working background is diverse within the hospitality and retail space, from cleaning the dining room at McDonald's to overseeing operations of a state. I’m a big believer in working alongside my team and willing to get my hands dirty, I have also worked in factories squeeging off milk into pig farmer trucks, packing boxes and unloading shipping containers. I have experience in blue chip companies, small businesses and startups. 

I have an advanced diploma in Hospitality Business Management however my experience is valuable as I have experience in one position managing over 1400 employees to achieve unprecedented results, I have extensive knowledge in people development from succession planning, motivating, recruitment process and engagement. 

I often am asked my I enjoy working with people when often people are the cause of all the issues, this is exactly why I enjoy it, I thrive working with teams to create an environment where staff feel part of the solution and the response is evident in the businesses profitability and customer loyalty. 

My passion is also in the underlying keys to success being business planning and creating the right business foundations, every Fortune 500 company has these down pat. I also have experience in organizational structure, operational efficiency and creating customer loyalty. 

Customers choose where to spend their money based on previous experience or a recommendation, be sure your the customers first choice by allowing me to work with you on your businesses goals.