oracle of solving business problems for your team

Teach Your Team To Ask Better Questions

Do you sometimes feel like an oracle in your business that everyone comes to with questions hoping for answers they probably could find themselves? I used to feel that way in the past and often just gave the answers I thought were appropriate, hoping that next time the person would figure it out or remember […]

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pam doerf headshot kaiz consulting how to delegate tasks effectively

How To Delegate Tasks Effectively

How often do you get overwhelmed with too much on your plate and feeling like there just isn’t enough time to get it all done? You know you need to delegate some of that workload, but what if you can’t see the forest for the trees? Maybe you’re stuck doing business “admin” that eats up […]

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Who: The A Method For Hiring Key Takeaways

Hiring a team is not an easy task. And it becomes even harder when you don’t approach it right! It’s one thing to hire someone, but another to hire an A-Player: someone who is the perfect person for your business, but also in the perfect seat on the bus of your business, maxing out everyone’s […]

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