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When people talk about sales, they don’t really talk about sales systems and processes.

But like any other area of a business: Sales needs structure.

You can have the best Salespeople on your team and pay them all the money in the world, but if there isn’t a process in place to follow and clear outcomes to be achieved, then don’t even bother.

I’ve spoken about the importance of delivering what your Sales team promises before…

but you won’t get to Delivery if you can’t close Sales.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Sales Manager nor is this my jam.

But I do know how important Operations is across all departments. 

So, what has Operations to do with Sales or Marketing?

When working on your 100 Day Customer Journey, the Sales process is part of that, too.

You want a prospective customer to feel like they’re getting the same experience from the moment they get in touch with you all the way through buying, onboarding, and ongoing service.

Even if the Operations team doesn’t do the selling, they can definitely help build out the Sales process and potential automations that will assist your team to get more customers over the line and close more deals.

Your Sales Manager might have the skills to do that themselves, but if not, it’s good to get your Operations team involved.

When setting up your Sales Systems and Processes, here some things to look at:

  • Setting up a CRM
  • Setting up the pipeline, workflows and automation that you take people through
  • A booking system set up for people to book meetings or consultations/sales calls
  • Signing of agreements, T&Cs
  • Billing/invoicing and payment processing
  • Communication of expectations and next steps to prospect
  • Process for file notes and handover to the onboarding team

The Sales team will be able to let the Ops Manager know what they need and deliver the content so it can be built.

The more the process can be automated the better.

This way, the Sales team can focus on speaking to prospects instead of having to deal with too much manual admin.

Admin is a killer of time and making this part of the customer journey seamless is going to get you great results at lower costs!

Pam Doerf is an expert in building strong operational foundations for businesses running remotely. Over the years she has worn many hats and has worked in many different contexts to gain a skill set that can be applied to many areas of business and life.

Pam found her passion in Operations and automating businesses using technology. It’s her greatest satisfaction to see when automation can improve a process, or even a whole business!

Pam has run multiple businesses and built remote teams for over seven years. She has over 20 years of experience in tourism, hospitality, and finance. 

Pam is a genius of efficiency, mastering the art of minimising the input and maximising the output of a team by using technology, systems, and processes, and driving remote work in industries where spending 9-5 at the office is the norm. 

Connect with Pam on LinkedIn here.

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