Pam Doerf KAIZ Consulting Sales Don't Fix Everything

Spend any time on the internet and you’ll see ads everywhere to help you grow your business, generate leads, do the big sales pitch, learn (even more..!) marketing activities, to use social media…

Yes, it’s true: sales and marketing are key factors to making a business successful, and leads don’t just fall out of the sky.

However, many people forget that this is not everything involved in creating a successful business. Unfortunately, sales don’t fix everything!

My business started by having conversations.

My business buddies and I would share our experiences in different businesses over the years and how things often don’t go to plan, no matter how many sales and leads had been generated. 

“Sales Fixes Everything” according to the law of Guy Kawasaki.

In my experience, I’ve found this isn’t quite true.

Many business owners struggle to understand why their business isn’t as successful as they wish for it to be. And this is often despite good sale numbers!

Even businesses making sales and hitting high revenue marks can fail. More incoming sales can exacerbate the downward spiral with no easy way out.

My observations over the years became clearer and clearer on why businesses are more likely to fail.

One of the main issues entrepreneurs have is that they have no structure or functioning Operations in place.

They struggle with simple processes, cash flow management, and record-keeping. Their sales are through the roof… but then they can’t deliver what they sold or aren’t able to keep up paying bills.

In fact, no or bad cash flow management is one of the most common reasons why businesses stop operating.

Most entrepreneurs are Visionaries.

They have a great idea they want to turn into a business. They know exactly what it will look like and have the imagination.

But have they got enough “Actionary” in them to make this a reality?

I’ll be blunt: they don’t.

The thing is, we can’t be good at everything, no matter how much we try or invest in learning. That’s just how it is. 

My strengths are in Operations and Delivery.

I excel in solving problems, setting up processes, turning a business upside down if need be to make it function. Not everything has to do with technology or bookkeeping or, what I’ve heard it being called, nerdy, boring stuff.

Part of the Operations and Delivery in a business has to do with hiring the right people, building culture, delivering exceptional customer service and simply just delivering the product or service in time.

It takes a long time and a lot of research to find everything to get your business off the ground and turn it into a smooth-running machine.

It’s crucial to decide when it’s a better idea to get someone involved who has done this already and can tell you how to get your ideas put into action – instead of struggling with it alone. 

It’s time to get real. How much are you willing to invest in your business that could mean the difference between success and failure?

Is it really that important to spend money on advertising your business if you’re struggling to set it up smoothly (and ideally in the long term, without you)?

Okay, now that we agree that sales don’t fix everything, here’s your homework:

Spend some time thinking about what happens after you’ve made all the sales you’ve projected for the coming month/quarter/year. Are you prepared to deliver on your promises to your clients? Are you prepared for something unforeseen to happen? 

With an Operations Manager, Ops Team, Integrator, Actionary, <insert buzz word for Ops and Delivery here>, most of these types of questions can be answered extremely quickly.

My advice for real, long-term business and entrepreneurial success: make operations and delivery part of your business before you even start selling.

Invest in setting up your business processes and systems, and start spending quality time talking to your potential customers and clients, cultivating REAL connection and building your inevitable empire.

Coming Soon: KAIZ Chief Actionary and expert in business operations for maximum efficiency Pam Doerf takes us through her top five rules for avoiding the email hangover and owning your inbox.
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