Transforming Your Business For Scale

Pricing Consulting


We know how annoying it is when you don't know what you have to invest to get something in return. Having to go through Sales sessions or spending time you don't have talking to people... It all sounds amazing until you finally hear the costs. You think to yourself, "I can do a million things myself for a while longer but can't invest this right now," or end up spending even more time with more people.

We are all about efficiency and transparency. Therefore we have put together a simple pricing option for our consulting services.

  • Free 30mins consultation to learn more about your business

  • Proposal of service based on discussion

  • Engagement, Implementation and ongoing relationship options below



  • Evaluation and preparation of business strategy  $2,750 incl. GST

  • Implementation from $3,999 incl. GST per month for 3 month OR from $11,499 if paid in FULL

  • Monthly Support* - $299 incl. GST per month

  • Build a remote team** - $1,499 incl. GST per hire

*Monthly Support is limited to an hour per month and has a minimum engagement of 12 months.

**This includes the recruitment, interviewing of candidates and a basic on-boarding training of new staff. Recruitment and ongoing management is handled by our partner grow my team. any costs for wages, salaries or fees associated with any successful hire or any additional hires are directly handled by grow my team and subject to their terms & conditions. (only available to existing clients of kaiz consulting)

***Please note: Any costs associated with out of scope implementation, software fees or travel costs incl. time (where applicable) are in addition to the fees and to be covered in full by the business engaging our services. Our business operates online to avoid travel, waste of resources or time of everyone involved.