With any sort of system that we’re using, every time we set something up for a different area of a business, we need to be very clear around having a system within the system to actually enable us to find things in an easier way.

What I mean by that is, when you first sign up for any system where you can create any sort of subfolder or workspace, you will always first end up on the dashboard:

how to systemise a system - typeform dashbard kaiz consulting

From there, you’ll have to start really systemising individual areas and departments or services within your business to make sure that whatever you create, whether it’s a Typeform or a Zap in Zapier, to really distinguish these between the individual departments or what area of the business it relates to.

Systemising a system in: Typeform

In Typeform here, we have set up different workspaces around the pillars of the business and for the intake forms. This way there’s not just one workspace where there are 20 or 30 different forms.

We then have to click through them individually to find out which pillar or which department they’re in relation to. We want to create different folders or workspaces, and then have the individual forms sorted within the actual folders or workspaces to make it easier and cleaner.

If there are any changes in the real estate part of the business for example, then we can just go under the real estate workspace and we’ll only find what is relevant to that space. This makes it easy to make any necessary changes. 

Systemising a system in: ActiveCampaign

With ActiveCampaign for example, all these automations can also be either named differently, which is I think not enough, and/or we can actually add labels here as well to really show what this particular automation is in relation to.

how to systemise a system in activecampaign kaiz consulting

We could then go even deeper and say it’s this part of sales or it’s part of marketing or part of onboarding, distinguishing them with a different label or different folders.

Systemising a system in: Zapier

If I go and log into Zapier, into my Zaps on the left hand side here, originally there’s only one folder which is sort of the home page. You can add multiple folders.

how to systemise a system in zapier kaiz consulting
how to systemise a system in zapier kaiz consulting

So we’ve created here the individual pillars of the business but also general Zaps. These general Zaps could potentially be broken down in the future, into calendar bookings for instance, or sales or marketing. I always recommend breaking them down into particular areas or even within the service pillars, distinguishing where it’s possible. 

To keep it clean and simple, I also have an archive folder for anything that is no longer used. I don’t delete them in case it’s needed in the future so I don’t have to rebuild it from scratch. But if it’s no longer used, I put the Zap into the archive.

To go through how to systemise a system in real time with me, watch along with the video below:

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