How often do you get overwhelmed with too much on your plate and feeling like there just isn’t enough time to get it all done?

You know you need to delegate some of that workload, but what if you can’t see the forest for the trees?

Maybe you’re stuck doing business “admin” that eats up your time and means you can’t make getting back to new leads your priority… because that just means more clients you can’t serve.

It’s time to delegate!

Delegating tasks effectively isn’t easy if you don’t know what to delegate and whom to delegate it to.

Here’s a simple way to get started with delegating tasks:

  1. Make a list of all the things you do over the next week.
  2. Then classify them into “Business” (revenue-generating & growth tasks), “Work” (client work), and “Busy” (everything else)
  3. Once done, mark each task as to whether you need to “start doing it”, “delegate it”, or whether it “can’t be delegated”. 
  4. Take the list of tasks to delegate and start handing it over.

Sound easier said than done to delegate the tasks?

There’s no right or wrong as to what you put down.

But really ask yourself when looking at the “can’t be delegated” tasks if that really can’t be delegated or whether you’re holding onto something because you don’t trust someone else could get it done just as well (or maybe even better than!) you.

Delegating tasks isn’t easy, especially when you have been wearing so many hats for a long time.

When you do start letting go, you’ll see just how much weight will be lifted off your shoulders!

So, let’s see what you can do to delegate these tasks!

pam doerf headshot kaiz consulting how to delegate tasks effectively

Before we get onto the delegation, we want to be clear:

It takes time to be able to delegate all tasks, if ever. It depends on where your business is at and your willingness to let go.

If you’re ready, here’s your start in how to delegate tasks effectively:

1. Hand them to your team

It’s obvious, yet we don’t often consider it because we’re not sure if our team member(s) will be able to do it. The best way to find out? Give it to them and see how they go with it.

You might be surprised to find other talents in some of your team members that you’d never thought of or have seen before!

2. Hire someone

By that, we’re not saying hire a VA. It won’t solve your problems! Why? Because you need to be more specific.

Look at the tasks you want to delegate and create job descriptions for specific roles and departments. For example, if most of the tasks are related to Marketing activities then hire someone to do Marketing. If all the tasks are to do with bookkeeping, then hire a bookkeeper or outsource it.

You don’t have to have to hire a whole team at once because of a few tasks in each department. Start with the most obvious role that will take some load off you.

3. Use technology

Sometimes it might just be annoying to do things on paper or in Documents, PDFs or spreadsheets, so looking at some technology to do some of the tasks for you is a good start. 

For example, use booking software for appointments rather than email or calls to find a time that suits.

Or a form creator software that sends the results to CRM or sheet rather than typing it up manually.

Or a CRM or Project Management system that stores your data rather than business cards and pieces of paper.

(Want more ideas of tech? Get in touch! We LOVE this stuff!)

4. Use automation

Often enough, the daily tasks done in businesses are taking up time because they are done manually.

We underestimate how small little things can add up eating away our days.

Finding that template to send it with a link or attachment you stored somewhere, having to remember to give someone a call to book their next appointment when that is coming up, or sending a follow up to a lead or prospect… it all takes time out of your day.

There are simple ways to automate some of these tasks so you have more time to focus on the important work, and investing in technology is more affordable than hiring!


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