Let’s create a place to store any kind of processes or video recordings like the one I’m working on at the moment. It’s essentially an internal Wikipedia for your business.

Every business needs to have an internal Wiki or database of some sort to be able to write down and record videos on the useful processes and systems for the entire team within the business. 

how to create an internal wikipedia for your business kaiz consulting

As businesses start to grow larger and larger and more new team members come on board consistently, we need to make sure that:

1) they don’t have to figure things out for themselves every time, and

2) you don’t have to explain it every single time. 

So, it makes sense to create an internal Wikipedia for your business.

My suggestions to create this are Google Drive or Thinkific, but it really depends on what you want to do with your business and what kind of system you are already using or want to use.

My standard process is creating a course in Thinkific because it can look very different depending on the business’ needs. This could be a tech stack overview, an onboarding process for a particular department, or systems for the operations team or marketing department.

using thinkific to create an business wikipedia kaiz consulting

Any online learning portal can be used in this way.

Alternatively, you can create folders in Google Drive or Dropbox covering different topics with video and/or written outlines on key information. Consider also adding things like checklists and workflows.

These different types of content are useful from a teaching perspective. Don’t forget, all team members learn differently and appreciate different ways of absorbing content.

In your internal business database can be anything from a tech stack and processes for the operations team, to individual systems that are being used and how they’re used differently: set up and maintained by the ops team for example, and then used in marketing automation or by the sales team. 

using thinkific to create an business wikipedia kaiz consulting

If you’re on the ops team, it will be imperative to ensure the systems are maintained from an IT or software perspective. They have to work smoothly for the team members using them! You’ll need to train your team or give them some form of help around how to use the systems, so it makes sense to separate and distinguish wherever possible.

Think about the main areas of the business. What are the main technologies that you’re using and the main processes that are repeated day-to-day?

And then start creating something that actually helps your team and your business!

how to create an internal wikipedia kaiz consulting

Put down your notes, record your screen as you go through a process, record yourself talking about it… Whatever works for you and your team. Once you’ve recorded them, it’s up to you on how you make it work within your Wikipedia for the business.

Remember, the more you do this, the clearer you will become on how you want to use these systems. Whatever option you choose, get started somewhere. Over time you can update, remove and add to your Wiki to make it as efficient and seamless as possible. 

To go through how to create an internal Wikipedia for your business with Pam, watch along with the video below:

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