While I’ve curated my own preference for the perfect technology stack, when it comes to creating processes and systems, every business will need to decide on their own tech stack that helps them deliver what they promise to their clients and customers.

Even though it’s easy to just tell you what I like, it might not be the right thing for you unless you know why and what you use them for.

So, before you get started on choosing your tech, let’s look at where most of your inefficiencies may lie in your business:

  1. Make a list of your current main tasks that keep you busy. These are tasks that don’t add any value or $$ and just need doing.
  2. Write down next to each of them if you would want them to be done by a person or if technology would be your preference.
  3. For those where tech is your preference, group them together as much as possible. Eg, sending a follow-up email to a prospect, emailing an on-boarding overview to a new client, and an email to book an appointment are all in relation to sending an email that could easily be templated.
  4. Once you’ve grouped them, look at some tech solutions that might be able to combine a few or maybe even all of these “features” in one platform.

(It’s very unlikely there is a one-fits-all solution but often you can combine a few to create efficiency)

Going back to the above example of templated emails being sent, we…

  • need a system that stores contact details,
  • want the ability to send email campaigns from templates and ideally to customise parts of the template,
  • would like to make it look on-brand,
  • need the ability to add links, images, and maybe even videos or documents,


  • It would also be great to time the email to send it out based on time and date, or action taken,
  • And maybe even show us analytics, like if they opened the email or not.

There are many options that can do all or some of the above. The more they can do combined in one tool the better.

A system that would do the above is likely a CRM like Active Campaign that can also function for many more things in your business to reduce inefficiency by automating workflows.

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