Email Management: My Rules For An Empty Inbox!

In this day and age, we can’t live without emails. 

In 2019, over 50% of the population  used emails, with over 3.9 billion email addresses currently in use – a pretty significant number!

To not have an email address is almost the digital equivalent of being homeless. Without it, you can’t shop online, bank online, engage with social media and so on.

Most of us even have multiple email addresses, with the average number per person being two.

Personally, I have SIX.

With all of these emails in play, it’s no wonder so many of us suffer from overflowing inboxes, poor email management and bad email reputations.

To get over the email hangover (hard to get rid of and makes everything else hurt!) I’ve come up with a couple of rules that I live by to use my inbox more efficiently, make sure everything that needs to be actioned is actioned, and to see an empty inbox every. Single. Day!

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Pam Doerf is an expert in building strong operational foundations for businesses running remotely. Over the years she has worn many hats and has worked in many different contexts to gain a skill set that can be applied to many areas of business and life.

Pam found her passion in Operations and automating businesses using technology. It's her greatest satisfaction to see when automation can improve a process, or even a whole business!

Pam has run multiple businesses and built remote teams for over seven years. She has over 20 years of experience in tourism, hospitality, and finance. 

Pam is a genius of efficiency, mastering the art of minimising the input and maximising the output of a team by using technology, systems, and processes, and driving remote work in industries where spending 9-5 at the office is the norm. 

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