Are You Struggling With Cashflow?

You may have picked up that I like to talk about certain topics that fit into specific departments or areas of business. There is plenty to talk about and even if some topics feel very yawn-ish, they’re important not to ignore if you want to run a successful business. Working with many Visionaries over the years as […]

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Tracking Your Numbers To Make Better Decisions

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “Tracking your numbers” isn’t exactly sexy, is it? But you know, it is hands down THE most important part of ANY business. Hear me out. Without tracking – or, ahem, “accurate” tracking – how are you going to properly evaluate how well your business is performing in line with those goals […]

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How To Choose Your Business Tech Tools

While I’ve curated my own preference for the perfect technology stack, when it comes to creating processes and systems, every business will need to decide on their own tech stack that helps them deliver what they promise to their clients and customers. Even though it’s easy to just tell you what I like, it might not […]

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the customer journey kaiz consulting

Building your 100 Day Journey

Building the 100 Day Customer Journey for a business can look very different from one business to another. Your 100 Day Journey about creating the processes, the systems, and the customer journey from when they first get in touch with you, to when they become raving fans: What does it look like? What does it feel […]

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german efficiency punctuality and respect

Are You Born With Efficiency?

German efficiency is a real thing. Even though I’m always learning new ways of doing things and can sometimes be all over the place, I’d say I’m a good representation of German efficiency. I don’t believe it’s something people have in their genes, but in Germany efficiency is taught from an early age and across […]

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hiring a VA won't solve your problems

Why hiring a VA won’t solve your problems!

If you need someone for Social Media, Marketing, Sales, or maybe Customer Service (some examples), it’s important to be realistic about the fact one person is unlikely to have skills, or capacity, across all these areas. In all likelihood, it’ll make far more sense to identify the exact roles you need to be filled, and […]

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oracle of solving business problems for your team

Teach Your Team To Ask Better Questions

Do you sometimes feel like an oracle in your business that everyone comes to with questions hoping for answers they probably could find themselves? I used to feel that way in the past and often just gave the answers I thought were appropriate, hoping that next time the person would figure it out or remember […]

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