hiring a VA won't solve your problems

Why hiring a VA won’t solve your problems!

If you need someone for Social Media, Marketing, Sales, or maybe Customer Service (some examples), it’s important to be realistic about the fact one person is unlikely to have skills, or capacity, across all these areas. In all likelihood, it’ll make far more sense to identify the exact roles you need to be filled, and […]

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efficiency kaiz consulting

My Favourite Word: EFFICIENCY

Often we’re using the right tools and have automations set up, and yet we feel we’re in busy-ness and not business. Sometimes we find something ‘by accident’ when using one of our technologies. It hits us that we could have saved so much time if we’d known this shortcut or feature. Or maybe our notification settings […]

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pam doerf headshot kaiz consulting how to delegate tasks effectively

How To Delegate Tasks Effectively

How often do you get overwhelmed with too much on your plate and feeling like there just isn’t enough time to get it all done? You know you need to delegate some of that workload, but what if you can’t see the forest for the trees? Maybe you’re stuck doing business “admin” that eats up […]

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pam doerf kaiz consulting tips for building remote teams

Key Tips For Building Remote Teams

I still remember working in corporate, although now it feels like a very long time ago! One of the big things I remember always wanting back then was the ability to work from home. Working in an office with lots of people around me wasn’t my cup of tea; not because I didn’t like my […]

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Who: The A Method For Hiring Key Takeaways

Hiring a team is not an easy task. And it becomes even harder when you don’t approach it right! It’s one thing to hire someone, but another to hire an A-Player: someone who is the perfect person for your business, but also in the perfect seat on the bus of your business, maxing out everyone’s […]

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