Are You Struggling With Cashflow?

You may have picked up that I like to talk about certain topics that fit into specific departments or areas of business. There is plenty to talk about and even if some topics feel very yawn-ish, they’re important not to ignore if you want to run a successful business. Working with many Visionaries over the years as […]

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the customer journey kaiz consulting

Building your 100 Day Journey

Building the 100 Day Customer Journey for a business can look very different from one business to another. Your 100 Day Journey about creating the processes, the systems, and the customer journey from when they first get in touch with you, to when they become raving fans: What does it look like? What does it feel […]

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pam doerf kaiz consulting tips for building remote teams

Key Tips For Building Remote Teams

I still remember working in corporate, although now it feels like a very long time ago! One of the big things I remember always wanting back then was the ability to work from home. Working in an office with lots of people around me wasn’t my cup of tea; not because I didn’t like my […]

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pam doerf headshot kaiz consulting how to delegate tasks effectively

Sales Don’t Fix Everything In Business

Spend any time on the internet and you’ll see ads everywhere to help you grow your business, generate leads, do the big sales pitch, learn (even more..!) marketing activities, to use social media… Yes, it’s true: sales and marketing are key factors to making a business successful, and leads don’t just fall out of the […]

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