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The Impact of non-delivery

Starting or running a business isn’t something that just happens over night or is easy. We all wear multiple hats for a long time and don’t have much choice. 

If cash flow is not a problem then hiring staff to share the workload and skillsets is definitely the best way to go but have you even got enough to pay bills and yourself?

Unlimited resources…
is the dream of every business or at least money coming through the door. BUT, that is all it is, A DREAM.

We all know the customer lifecycle (attract -> convert -> fulfil -> refer) which focuses on gaining the interest of qualified prospects first.

Getting these prospects over the line to become customers and them making the buy-in decision is the second step.

One of the most neglected parts of the cycle is the fulfilment of what you sold or promised. Meeting the client's expectations and reinforcing their decision to buy and...

Once they are raving fans and you constantly keep adding value they will refer and the cycle closes.

The cycle makes sense, however, when starting a business a lot of entrepreneurs try to get money in the door. They work in the same order as the cycle is set up which unfortunately in most cases doesn’t quite work out…

Attracting and selling are great and obviously, it shows that you are good at that. 
But...can you deliver it? Or are you in panic mode now to get on top of the delivery and are losing those hard-earned clients before they even have a chance to see what you can really do for them?

Start with the Fulfil-Stage…
You need to be able to deliver a high-quality product or client experience above all else and create happy customers. If you don't make this a focus and just fake it until you make it might sound like a good idea but often this doesn't end well for a business.

Once you are able to fulfil you need to do the selling right. Nothing worse than getting all these quality leads and then wasting them because the Sales process isn’t working.

Next step is to make your customers raving fans and encourage long-term retention with up-, re- or cross-sells and create processes for referrals. They are the best marketing for your business…

Lastly, you can start piquing the interest of qualified prospects and knowing the right people to attract. This will then actually bring money in the door!

If your strength doesn’t lie in the fulfilment or you have no capacity to do that amongst all the other things, then book in a free consultation with us and we can’t wait to hear how we can assist you with that part of your business.

Disclaimer: all information contained within this article is of a general nature and should not be relied upon when making business or financial decisions. 

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