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JIDOKA - Intelligence automation or automation with a human touch

Every business runs differently and every service or product was born from a vision the founder(s) had. Most businesses start with an idea and the vision becomes clearer and clearer over time.

Most entrepreneurs wear all the hats for a while until they can afford to hire someone or don’t have any more capacity.

What if there is a way…

to avoid or delay hiring someone to do some of your repetitive tasks or admin? How much time are you spending on them and wish there was a better way to do things?

Technology can be a great addition to your business if you get it right. It can be used to communicate, store information or automate the tasks you just don’t want to do. Spending time in the business rather than on the business can be reduced with the right tools.

Keeping up…

with all the different systems, trials for softwares and setups can be very time consuming if you don’t know what to look for or what even exists so it is best to actually do the research right before choosing any.

Even starting a business and working your way through hours and days of setting up emails, web domains, accounting softwares, etc. involves a lot of technology nowadays.

BUT, going through all of that is very rewarding for a business because it will save a lot of time and grief once it is set up. Often it doesn’t even require much knowledge to set up some simple automations, too, to make your life easier.

What does automating actually mean?

First of all, businesses usually need a number of different softwares to be able to deliver their product or service. I doubt that in this day and age any business without any kind of software or technology will survive in the long run.

Most software provider or applications these days focus on very specific needs for businesses but given the uniqueness of a business no app can do it all.

This means…

there are ways to connect these apps and allow them to “talk” to each other or even complete multiple tasks automatically that you used to do manually. Wouldn’t that be great if you didn't need to deal with that?

There are multiple ways of setting up automations within a business. Some applications offer that within their own software or you can use third party softwares that connect two or more softwares to automate processes.

This doesn’t need to be complex just enough so it gives you the time back to focus on your business rather than being in it. It can even save or postpone a hire that you thought you so desperately needed.

If you are looking to automate your business, whether it is a review and upgrade of your current setup or a whole new setup, we are here to take that off your hands. Check our website for more information and book in a free consultation today.

Disclaimer: all information contained within this article is of a general nature and should not be relied upon when making business or financial decisions. 

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