You have probably figured by now that I’m a very organised person...

And, yes, some of it comes down to the German efficiency I was born with.

However, I really want to teach some of the things that I’ve developed for myself that might help you get a little more organised.

Now, I know that some people have help from a VA or personal assistant but, it’s important that certain things are organised by ourselves rather than by others just in case the other person isn’t around for whatever reason.

After all, everyone needs a timeout and sometimes life gets in the way. You need to be able to manage some of the things in your life yourself!

One of the things I do on a weekly basis on Sunday nights is actually look at my week ahead.

I always put everything into my calendar: appointments, reminders, anything that comes up.

Then, I set my alarm accordingly if I need to, to make sure that I will be up in time to fit everything in, including my morning routine and a cup of coffee.

(Always, coffee!)

Another thing that I do is I put everything I need to do in terms of workload or tasks into our project management system.

And again, I review the system every Sunday night to make sure I know exactly what I need to work on in the coming week, and to then potentially adjust my calendar invitations and my schedule accordingly. Or, if I’m unable to do something because of X, Y and Z happening, then I can move my tasks accordingly.

Yes, I’m very organised in a lot of ways.

Even when things run out in my fridge, I put it straight onto the shopping list and then do a big shop with everything I need rather than doing small trips that usually end up taking a lot longer. Doing things incidentally and as they pop up is simply not efficient enough for my personal liking! It’s just who I am; I like being organised in that particular way.

Forming the habit of looking at your week ahead every Sunday will help you stay on top of things and not forget about anything coming up on your agenda.

Hopefully that helps you! It definitely helps me and I look forward to hearing if you have anything you can recommend that I might be able to adopt as well to make my routine even more efficient.


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