Often times business problems seem so overwhelming, and to be honest… the easy way out ends up being to not change anything at all. 

And sure, if a business could grow without the need for constant improvement, then that would work!

Businesses have different reasons for why they procrastinate when it comes to making changes:

1. They’re worried they won’t keep up

2. Change is scary

3. It’s too much work to implement

4. They’re scared of technology and automation

The thing is though, change is inevitable and will come sooner or later.

It’s better to prepare your business and yourself now, before being forced into it.

Here are some advantages as to why you should automate your processes:

1. Tasks will get done faster.

Sending an email, creating a project, booking appointments… all at the click of a few buttons. No need to search for an appropriate template and then spend hours updating it before sending it out!

2. More time with your customers.

Instead of drafting emails, creating summary documents or collecting information by hand, spend time building the relationship with your customer.

3. Saves $$$.

Software isn’t free, we know that.

However, more often than not it’s less expensive than hiring staff to do things the old way. It can also be constantly improved to do more and is a lot faster than any person ever will be.

Below some hacks to help you automate parts of your business!

They will make your customer journey so much easier and can reduce that overwhelm. 🙂

1. Active Campaign email automation

Using a system like Active Campaign literally starts at US$9 a month and you can create automation simple and easy or create your online forms and even embed them into your website so data comes straight into the CRM.

2. Google Sheets

The things you can do with Google Sheets are incredible and it doesn’t take a genius to create some simple formulas.

Did you know that you can link the content of a sheet to Google Docs and Presentation and it dynamically updates the data when changed in the sheet in the doc or presentation? We use this in our weekly company meeting presentation to pull in data from our Dashboard.

3. Online Forms

Or honestly, anything that is not a PDF, Word Document, or piece of paper…

By using online forms and having your customers fill them in, you have so many opportunities to automate what to do with the data. 

Send it to a Google Sheet and use it, straight into your CRM or system where possible, or create a PDF from the response so you can get them to sign off on it electronically.

These #hacks will speeeeeeeed up your life and business. 

There are plenty of other things you can implement and do, and if you want to learn more check my videos on Youtube below:

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Sign Up: We know first-hand how hard it can be getting everything set up in a business and finding the right tools. Having worked in Operations for years and doing a lot of research on the matter, we’re confident our list of effective tools will save you money and hassle.

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